(Excerpts from the Daily Herald-News from Dec. 7 through Dec. 13, 1978)

Civic Center marks 10 years

A celebration for the 10th Anniversary of the Charlotte County Memorial Auditorium’s Civic Center will be held tomorrow and Sunday. This is according to Harry Nohrr, Auditorium Director. County Commissioner Ted Fegers is heading up a committee of citizens, planning the two-day event. Invitations have been sent out to 196 individuals who signed the guest register in 1968 to attend the 19th birthday when the Auditorium was completed. Among those invited are county commissioners who were in office when the Auditorium was completed: Dorothy Flowers, T.I.Kennedy and Phil Sherry. There were be continuous entertainment during the day: Music, displays, talks of early Charlotte County history and showing of historical slide programs. These were arranged by Punta Gorda historians U.S. Cleveland and Vernon Peeples. Later in the day there will be Christmas lighting and a community sing program when Santa arrives and a Barbershop Quartet with a Holiday concert. Other Specialty Quartets from various parts of South and Southwest Florida are going to join. The Civic Center is one of the showplaces of the county and is one of the largest ones on the Southwest Coast of the state.

Fishermen’s Village getting even better

The addition of a 200-room motel and conference center at Fishermen’s Village can only enhance an already futuristic, progressive quality project at the old city dock site. Development partner Don Donelson says the Village Inn and Conference Center will contain larger-than-average rooms equipped with top-quality fixtures. It will offer luxury accommodations. Ground-breaking could be held within 90 days and the facility would be finished within six months. The revenue will improve the health of the local economy and it would help everyone here to have businessmen and tourists attract. When tourists return to their Northern homes, stories to friends and family also help spread the good news about Punta Gorda.

County to join City on Cooper Street job

The County Commission this week agreed to work with the city of Punta Gorda on recapping and other road work on Cooper Street. The commissioners also instructed Circuit Court Clerk Buddy Alexander to obtain $600,000 in excess, based on bond revenues. These are currently being held for Charlotte in Tallahassee, to help fund the project. Once the $600,000 has been received, the county will start.

Shop in Charlotte

It makes good sense, and cents, to shop in Charlotte for Christmas. It pumps dollars into the local economy and it saves gas. When you shop in Charlotte, you are patronizing your friends and neighbors who own, manage and work in those shops. Every dollar spent here, stays in Charlotte. Let’s support the merchants who have invested in our community. Shop in Charlotte.

Nice going

Students, teachers, administrators and the school board deserve a pat on the back. They had exemplary scores recorded by high school students on the functional literacy tests. A super 90 percent of the juniors passed the communications section, and 78 percent got the math part. That represents improvements from last year in both categories. In addition, 53 of the 81 students who are now seniors and failed last year, passed the exams this time around. School Board Chairman Larry Scoggins, stated that the results were good and that “higher educational goals remain on the horizon.”

Today’s Almanac

In 1927, The Model A-Ford was introduced as the successor to the famous Model-T. It was available, for the first time, in a variety of colors. The Roadster sold for $395.

Sailing classes

The community takes interest in sailing classes being held. To be able and pick up the back end of a small Hummingbird sailboat is the only criteria potential skippers need to fulfill in order to take Catherine House’s Red Cross small craft course. At Port Charlotte Beach boat ramp, students enthusiastically raised the sails of the boats while preparing for the day’s lesson. They will be Charlotte County’s future skippers. The course includes 15 hours on-the-water instructions and five hours in the classroom. It is free for Boy and Girl Scouts and anyone affiliated with this type of organization.


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