It may seem overly naïve and unrealistic, but during life and during this campaign I sometimes recall my father saying a simple thing: "There is always a right way and a wrong way."

As a little girl of divorced parents, I often found myself after school and on weekends at my dad's place of work, a car lot in Avon Park, Florida. While my dad sold cars I was often in the boardroom or the breakroom waiting patiently or busying myself with toys. When my dad would come in to mark another sale, he would move his name up the sales chart and always tell me, "There is always a right way and a wrong way."

Now, if you were ever in sales you know that the end of the month is an important time for any sales associate. Managers take notice and often give out a bonus. Recognition is made.

Though my father was a hard-working, smart, dedicated, and well-liked salesmen and community member, I will always remember two things:

As he would come in on the final sale of the day, he would move his clip sometimes up or sometimes down. Right to second place. Sometimes he would mention to me that lying often wins but look at the way that guy treats his wife and family (in reference to a salesman who hit No. 1 for that month). Which one would he (my father) rather have? He'd give me a big smile and toss my hair a bit. He would always end with "There is always a right way and a wrong way to do things. I did not cheat anyone. I did not oversell. I helped that person find the car they need. I made a new friend and I can be proud that I did it all the right way, not the wrong way." I love my dad and I thank him. In this campaign, I always said to myself, "There is always a right way and a wrong way." I know that my team and I did all of this the right way. I am very grateful for this.

I hope as we move forward we can all remember this and work towards electing candidates in our primary elections and in our general elections who share this core value. None of us are always right and none of us are always perfect (including my father) but that is just the way that God made us, but maybe he just wants to wait and see if we will do things the right way or the wrong way in the end.

Thank you to all who were able to come out and vote in this high-turnout election. Let's hold our elected officials accountable and make sure that they do things the right way. Also, let's please not forget that statewide candidates often win by small margins. If "your" candidate won, please remember that nearly the same amount of the people had their faith and beliefs with the other candidate. Let's not blindly follow the winner or feel that "we won and we are right" when nearly the same amount of citizens would like to see our state and country governed in another way. Please let us come together and do the right thing even if it means conceding a belief every now and then for the sake of the entire electorate to feel represented. Thank you all for the opportunity to run and to serve our beautiful state.

Audrey Asciutto



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