Let's not be too quick to draw conclusions and/or to belittle someone's patriotism.

First of all, the Honda driver might just be driving a vehicle made in one of several Honda factories in the U.S.A. These factories employ American workers.

I have to look back on my home town of Flint, Michigan. General Motors was founded there and with its supporting factories such as A.C. Spark Plug Co., Ternsteds, Fisher Body, etc. Our county had approximately 80,000 employees during the middle part of the century.

Flint, Mich. now has a small employment at one Chevrolet plant. Needless to say, Flint is virtually a ghost town as all of these facilities have moved mostly overseas. General Motors alone operates in 37 countries even though their headquarters is still in Detroit.

When General Motors was heading towards bankruptcy, who did they come crying to? Right, the taxpayers in this country. What did they do with part of that windfall, they added two more manufacturing plants and an engineering plant in China, for a total in that country alone of 13 facilities.

Conclusion you should derive from this, is any G.M. owner un-patriotic?

It would behoove the writer of Friday's article to inventory their entire household, electronics, appliances, clothing, etc. and total up a list of made-in-the-U.S.A versus foreign imports. 

David Parks



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