The Mueller Report has been released and after wasting two years and $35 million, just as everyone with half a brain knew, it proved nothing. Mueller knew from the beginning that there was nothing to be found, but he and his Democrat staff continued wasting our money, looking for something with which to attack Trump, but they found nothing because there was nothing.

Now since Mueller found nothing in two years, it’s over, right? Wrong. Democrats continue accusing Trump of obstructing justice so they can continue wasting our time and money. These idiots — Nadler, Pelosi, Schumer, Booker, Harris, Schiff, Cortez, etc. — were not elected to attack our legally elected president, nor were they elected to play politics for personal gain, but this is all they have done since the House won their election. And lest you doubt this, tell me if you will, “Just what have they done for America since then?”

Nadler and the Democrats don’t respect the laws they were elected to uphold. They should cease this insanity and, for once, quit playing politics and do what they were elected to do, or better yet, resign. And as for disrespecting our laws and our constitution, it was Hillary who paid for the phony Steel dossier, which was to be used to keep Trump out of the white House?

And what about Hillary smashing phones and hard drives after they were subpoenaed?

What about the lies she and other Democrats told to get FISA warrants?

These were crimes, so why are these people not being prosecuted? And if they refuse to do what they were elected to do, why do the people who elected them not get rid of them? I do believe there are still many Democrats who know better and who should be holding these people accountable, so where are they? If they wanted to do what is right, they could use existing laws and procedures already in place to change and write new laws.

Mueller knew from the beginning that there was no Russian collusion by Trump and that Hillary and her pals had used lies to get the FISA court to illegally spy on the Trump campaign, but he continued for about two years to spend taxpayers’ money so the Democrats and the media would have a fall back position. He knew, and everyone else knew, that collusion, like obstruction of justice, was pure fabrication, but he had nothing else. And just so you know, collusion is not illegal.

Thousands of illegals cross the border into our country every day, but the Democrats, who before Trump voted for measures to stop this assault, now deny the same facts and fight to welcome the illegal votes these hapless refugees provide for them.

We have the best economy this nation has seen in my lifetime, so why do the Democrats continue efforts to destroy it? Why do they still want to increase taxes and kill prosperity?

Obama increased the national debt from about $10 trillion to $19 trillion, more than the combined total of every president before him, but Democrats never said a word. Why?

Just how long do this bunch of self-serving imbeciles think they can keep this up before our whole nation collapses? In the Bible, King Josiah, who was the last king of Israel, came into office and cleaned things up. He tore down prayer groves, destroyed pagan idols and generally tried to put Israel back to where they had once been, but God told him that Israel would not continue in the ways of righteousness. He promised to allow Josiah to serve out his term as king, but when he died, the nation would go back to what they were before he was king. The Hebrews did exactly that. Israel collapsed, and was no more. And like America, they didn’t believe it could happen either.

I believe that Trump is America’s Josiah. He has kept his promises and brought us back to prosperity, but Democrats do not want that. They do not care about truth. They do not care about honesty. They do not care about America. They are simply obsessed with destroying Trump.

America seems invincible when we serve and obey God, but judging from the actions of the Democrats and about 40% of the Republicans in congress, we are very close to where Israel ended up. Make no mistake about it. No matter how strong America is, when God turns His back on us, it’s over.

America better wake up before it’s too late. We must pray for our president; pray for our nation; pray for our government, and we must pray for ourselves because when it is over – it is over. And whether these politicians in Washington believe it or not, America is on a path of no return. In the Bible, God spared Nineveh when they repented. Maybe He will do the same for us.

God bless America.

Rev. Fredric E. Jeans is an Avon Park resident, was a pastor for 28 years, a supervisor in a steel mill, college and high school teacher, a chaplain in a nursing home, and author of two books. Guest columns are the opinion of the writer, not necessarily that of the Highlands News-Sun.


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