AVON PARK — An Avon Park man is accused of stealing three vehicles from his mother’s yard and selling them without her permission.

On Saturday, Nov. 3, the Highlands County Sheriff’s Office arrested Jarquez Ontario Corneil Hester, 26, of Avon Park. Hester was charged with three counts of vehicular theft and dealing in stolen property.

During some period between Oct. 27 and Nov. 3, Hester allegedly sold three vehicles that were in his mother’s yard. He had been living in his mother’s residence, and she reportedly told him that he could “stay in the residence as long as he paid the bills,” the arrest report states.

The three vehicles that belonged to Hester’s mom were:

• a 1994 brown Acura Integra valued at $2,000

• a 1996 white Honda Accord valued at $1,000

• 2001 green Mitsubishi Mirage valued at $1,000

Hester’s mother reported seeing the vehicles about one week prior to Nov. 3. When the victim’s daughter drove by the residence, she allegedly did not see the vehicles in the yard, so Hester’s mother “arrived at the residence to see for herself,” documents state.

The victim told deputies she questioned her son about where the vehicles went, and he told her that he needed to “clean the yard up.” Hester’s mother told deputies that she had not given her son permission to sell the vehicles.

When the victim looked for the titles in her documents’ case, they were all missing, the victim reported. The victim advised deputies that she wanted to pursue charges against Hester, her son.


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