Dog ownership Sept. 4

As we all know, our dog is our best friend but there is a lot you might not know about him. Whether your dog is young or old, here are some fun facts from and that will give you more reasons to love your furry friend:

Dogs only have sweat glands in their paws. More specifically, they are found between their paw pads. That’s why it can help to wet the bottom of their feet on a hot day, and it’s also why dogs rely on panting as a means of cooling down.

Your one-year-old pup is as physically mature as a 15-year-old human. Of course, different breeds age a little differently. Large dogs age faster than small ones.

Your dog’s sense of smell is 1,000 to 10 million times better than yours. Depending on the breed, your dog has between 125 million to 300 million scent glands — compared to only five million for humans. And the part of your dog’s brain that controls smell is 40 times larger than yours — that’s true, even though the canine brain is much smaller than the human, relative to size. A human’s brain is about 1/40th of their body weight while a dog’s brain is only 1/125th.

Your dog does have a sense of time — and misses you when you’re gone.

Your dog’s whiskers help him “see” in the dark.

Dogs can hear four times as far as humans. Puppies may be born deaf, but they quickly surpass our hearing abilities. Dogs can also hear higher pitched sounds, detecting a frequency range of 67 to 45,000 hertz (cycles per second). The human range is from 64 to 23,000 hertz. In both dogs and humans, the upper end of hearing range decreases with age.

Your dog can smell your feelings. Your pup can pick up on subtle changes in your scent, which can help him figure out how you are feeling — such as by smelling your perspiration when you become nervous or fearful. It’s also likely how dogs can detect certain diseases or know that a household member is pregnant.

Puppies can sleep 18 to 20 hours a day during that rapid body growth phase.

Dogs sometimes appear to smile — much like humans — with open mouth grinning. This may indicate a relaxed, submissive state.

The fastest breed, the Greyhound, can run up to 44 miles-per-hour.

In general, smaller breeds live longer than larger breeds. The heaviest breed, the Mastiff, weighs about 200 pounds. Irish Wolfhounds, the tallest breed, are 30 to 35 inches tall.

More than half of all U.S. presidents have owned dogs. President Calvin Coolidge owned at least a dozen dogs.

The Border Collie, Poodle and Golden Retriever are considered the world’s smartest dog breeds.

Dogs who bark the most: Miniature Schnauzers, Cairn Terriers, Yorkshire Terriers, Fox Terriers and West Highland White Terriers.

Now, look at your four-legged furry friend and see if any of the above facts remind you of him. Looking at my Murphy, who is a Golden Retriever, I agree with the above fact that Goldens are smart dogs. However, the two websites that I used for my research neglected to say that Goldens are smart in a sneaky way and can often do a very good job in manipulating their owners.

The Heartland Dog Club will be offering their last series of classes for the year beginning Oct. 8 at the Lakeshore Mall. Classes will include Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Obedience, Rally Novice/Intermediate and a new class titled Scent Training. For more information, call 863–304–8582.

Are dogs the best animals ever?


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