LP Garden Club visits Ft. Myers

The Lake Placid Garden Club took a trip to Ft. Myers recently to visit Buckingham Farms and TopTropical Nursery of Rare Plants.

FT. MYERS — There were 17 members and guests of the Lake Placid Garden Club who journeyed to Fort Myers on April 4 to visit TopTropical Nursery and Buckingham Farms.

The first stop was to Buckingham Farms for lunch where Anna Edmunson, event coordinator, made sure all went smoothly for the group. The Farm grows most of its vegetables hydroponically and in raised beds. The menu was extensive with delicious salads and sandwiches, even peanut butter pie for dessert. The Farm also sells their fresh produce and other food items including buffalo meat.

“One of the highlights was the giant tortoise who lives on the premises,” said a news release from the Club. “This luncheon experience was enjoyed by all.”

The Club’s second stop was to TopTropical Nursery of Rare Plants.

“Our docent, Anna Finley, had extensive knowledge of the plants like the Asian Snow bush and the Chinese Hat bush, a unique hibiscus whose flower looks like a mini chandelier,” the news release continued. “The Ylang-ylang tree sold there, contributed to the creation of Channel No. 5 perfume. They are always getting new shipments and ship plants almost everywhere. What a great experience to see so many rare plants.

“The lunch was excellent and we saw some beautiful and unique rare plants. The day proved to be a great success with everyone enjoying the farm, nursery and each other. We are looking forward to another wonderful trip. Come join us!”


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