"Eric Swalwell’s plan to remove 'assault' weapons first step in right direction toward world peace.” Really? First, civilians cannot buy “assault weapons.” If you are referencing generic term "assault" (defined as: Make a physical attack on) I would like to know which “weapon” can do this on its own. To be an “assault weapon” it must have selective fire capability, not just look like a military weapon.

Guns have been around for over 200 years, AR style has been around since 1930’s called the Sturmgewehr, looks like AR-14/15.

I published a two-piece editorial in Highlands News-Sun, Gov. Bevin’s (KY) stated “If you think today's shootings are a gun problem you are delusional, it’s a cultural problem!” Eric Swalwell’s plan is not unlike that of Hitler, other world leaders, starts by banning, registering, then confiscating. This is the people's only means of deterring a tyrannical government, a right other countries don’t have. Look at Venezuela, government is shooting and killing its own people. They have no means to fight back, but stones.

The AR is not classified as an “assault weapon.” You want to be realistic, any item used to assault and kill someone is an “assault” weapon: a hammer, bat, pistol, shotgun, axe, etc. You grossly misuse the word “assault.”

The least used weapon in mass shooting (FBI stats) is the AR 15. Handguns are most common weapon, regardless of whether active shooters struck schools, businesses, or churches. Pistols used 56% of the time, rifles (all types) 27% (FBI 2000-2018).

Also, this nonsense about a gun show being held across from the high school is just that, nonsense. School is closed, no students in attendance, what is the effect on them?

John Nelson



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