AVON PARK — An Avon Park man is accused of sending threatening Facebook messages to his ex-girlfriend and selling contact lenses without a prescription. After serving his sentence for these charges at the Highlands County Jail, he will be sent to York City, Pennsylvania on charges of murder.

Highlands County Sheriff’s Office deputies arrested Timothy T. Pough, 20, of Avon Park on Tuesday. Pough is also known by his street name “Reeko” and his Facebook name “Hands Down Mandown.” Pough was charged with writing and sending threats to kill or injure, using a two-way communication device to facilitate a felony and dispensing contact lenses without a prescription.

Pough was arrested for reportedly threatening his ex-girlfriend through Facebook messages. A series of expletive-filled exchanges between the victim and Pough were made on Oct. 19. According to the messages, Pough wanted the victim to give him contact lenses.

Some of the most pertinent threats from Facebook are listed below, as written. (All these statements are part of the arrest report.)

Pough: All I asked for was contacts to see so I can be aware of my surroundings I don’t wanna bother u or nun jus wanted to see u could’ve threw them sum were so I can get them u don’t give a (expletive) so why should I

Pough: But I see I gotta get physical now bet

Victim: I’m really tired of you threatening my household.

Pugh: No threat

Victim: I’m prayed up

Victim: God got this

Pough: Good u might meet em tonight but see u soon

Victim: Don’t worry I’ll make sure they watching my house now

Victim: I’m ending this horror story

Pough: good they gone kill me anyway told my momma by already its lit in ridgedale tonight

The local victim told deputies that the messages caused her great fear, because Pough had a current out-of-state warrant for murder. The following night after the threatening Facebook messages were sent, Highlands County deputies responded to reports of shots being fired, and several parties stated that they had seen Pough in the area, the report states.

“Units were advised he had left the scene in a gold SUV, with a possible female drive,” local authorities report.

Pough is accused of killing Elijah Shuler on July 4, according to a news story published by York Daily Record in Pennsylvania. Shuler ran from gunfire and collapsed into the arms of his girlfriend, Margarita Colon, uttering the words “Reeko,” the street name for Pough, shortly before he died, the newspaper reported.

Shuler was shot at least twice, according to a police news release, and pronounced dead at the scene at 8:20 p.m., Pam Gay, York County coroner, said.

According to the York Daily Record, Colon, Shuler’s girlfriend, saw a white Ford Escape with a female driver riding towards the alley behind their home.

Shuler was riding in his sister’s car, a 2016 Hyundai Elantra, and was approaching his home.

Colon told officers that she saw Pough fire “multiple shots at the Hyundai as Shuler exited the passenger side and ran to the house.”

Shuler collapsed into her arms after entering the kitchen, the article reports. Pough had a connection to Shuler; Pough’s ex-girlfriend was Shuler’s sister.


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