Memory gets a little furry as we age, but many in our older demographic no doubt remember the good old days as teenagers in high school enjoying the heady spring season of graduation parties.

Both the good, and the bad. Remember?

We’re in graduation season. It’s an exciting time for kids, a celebration of accomplishment and transition to a new phase of life. The heart skips, the hormones flow and the head — occasionally — becomes overwhelmed by all the skipping and flowing. The brain can then make unfortunate mis-connections.

It may do no good for adults to lecture youngsters. Few of us enjoy sitting through long lectures.

But adults need to make the point to their children that actions have consequences. An emotional decision on one day — to blow it out at a party, say — can result in something that brings a lifetime of regret.

It all counts.

You may get lucky, and then you may not.

Is it worth the risk?

Parents, talk to your kids.

Kids, try hard not to do stupid stuff.

Have fun, but remember that you’ve got years ahead of you. It’s likely you’ll have kids of your own someday and you’ll feel the same way we oldsters do now. You’ll have to speak with them, too, about actions and consequences.

OK. Maybe that was a lecture. At least it was short.

An editorial from the Charlotte Sun.


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