SEBRING – The Sebring Blue Streaks hosted the Lake Placid Green Dragons and the DeSoto Bulldogs Tuesday in a girls weightlifting meet.

The Blue Streaks came out on top with a team total of 56 points, Lake Placid placed second with 36 and DeSoto had 4.

“This is a good meet to have,” said Sebring Coach Steve Berry. “We have been on a two-week break and it is good to see where the girls are at since we have been out of our routine. We have districts next week and it is unfortunate that that’s just the way girls weightlifting season falls. We had Thanksgiving and then Christmas so it is tough. Some of the girls were able to work out during break but not all of them because of different situations going on.”

Sebring was the only team represented in the 101-weight class as Clawy J. came in first when she benched 55 pounds and had a clean-and-jerk of 65 pounds for a total of 120. Kira Siegman was second at 105.

The Blue Streaks placed in first in the 110-weight class as Krystal Mendoza won with a total of 160, Lake Placid’s Nicole Beard came in second with 160 and Green Dragon Olivia Kelly rounded out the top three with 155.

Lake Placid came out on top in the 119-weight class with Chiara Chillemi at 190, Green Dragon Jordan Diaz placed second with 155 and Sebring’s Hannah Bauer came in third at 135.

In the 129-weight class, Sebring’s Emily Bible came out on top when she benched 135 and had a 140 in the clean-and-jerk for an impressive total of 275. Lake Placid’s Makenzi Durbano claimed second with a total of 200.

Lake Placid was first in the 139-weight class as Connie Chandler had a 210 total, Sebring’s Emily White claimed second place at 195 and Kiara Delgado came in a close third at 195.

Sebring’s Jacee Turner placed in first in the 154-weight class with a bench of 100 and clean-and-jerk of 205 for an impressive total of 305. Hannah Edwards claimed second for Sebring with a bench of 125 and clean-and-jerk of 135 for a total of 260. Lake Placid’s Aniya Hills placed in third at 225.

In the 169-weight class, Sebring’s D’Nazia Bent won with a total of 215, Hannah Berry came in second with 200 and Lake Placid’s Kasi Lorenzo came in third place at 180.

Sebring was the only team represented in the 183 weight class. Kani Binns claimed first place with a total of 245. Rikki Soto claimed second with 205.

Sebring’s Adrianna DuBois came out on top of the 199-weight class with a total of 260, while Lake Placid’s Melina Oxer placed second at 245.

Lake Placid’s Tracie Capalbo claimed first place in the Unlimited weight class with a total of 245. Blue Streak Kaylee Graham placed second at 215 and Green Dragon Eden Francois was third with 210.

“This is a good opportunity for us to lift after break,” said Lake Placid coach Donald Ridgeway. “We have districts next Thursday so this is a good primer for us.”

Lake Placid and Sebring will both compete in the Class 1A- District 15 meet on Thursday in Labelle.


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