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Riley Salcedo, just a few levels from his black belt in Taekwondo, was all smiles when Dr. Challa presented him with an Academic Achievement Award.

SEBRING — Shelly Gomez called it “the best Christmas present ever.”

She was referring to the outstanding academic progress made by her 10-year-old grandson, Riley. Gomez serves as the boy’s guardian and together they made the decision to enroll Riley in The Tutoring Center for some extra help in math.

Reilly was an average student but he blossomed after just three months of tutoring. His reading comprehension shot up from a fourth-grade level to a sixth-grade level. His math skills also improved by more than a grade level. Riley had a quick explanation for his remarkable improvement.

“At the Tutoring Center, they explain it to me in a way that I can understand it,” Riley said. He is a fourth grader whose overall reading skills are now three grades higher than normal.

“Riley is like most of our students,” Dr. Shameema Challa, center director, said. “An average student will excel when he or she is given the right kind of instruction and attention.”

The Tutoring Center, which hosts children from grades K-12, does something else.

“We emphasize character building skills here,” said Challa.

“Attitude, making your best effort, never giving up, and having confidence in yourself, are values just as important to us, as math and reading skills,” she said.

Riley, just a few levels from his black belt in Taekwondo, was all smiles when Challa presented him with an Academic Achievement Award.

“This is cool,” he said.

Parents or guardians that wish to learn more about The Tutoring Center are asked to call Challa at 863-269-8977 or email


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