SEBRING — Mark Camp, president of the Board of Supervisors for the Sun ‘n Lake of Sebring Improvement District, resigned on Wednesday.

His resignation letter was brief and to the point. It simply stated, “Effective immediately I have tendered my resignation as a member of the SNL Board of Supervisors.”

Vice President Joe Branson led Friday’s normal meeting in Camp’s absence.

“Finding a replacement for Mark will be tough to do,” Supervisor Dan Stegall said. “He spent a huge amount of time working.”

Supervisor Mike Gilpin praised Camp. “I’d like to publicly thank Mark. I can’t think of anyone who worked harder than he did.”

“Mark researches facts,” resident Bill Norcross said. “He’s a hard-working guy. I appreciate the work that he did.”

Resident Tom Kosty addressed the board during public comments and said, “We need to do some soul searching. What is wrong? We’ve had five supervisors resign before their terms were up in four years.”

Tanya Cannady, general manager of Sun ‘n Lake, explained that some of the resignations were due to illnesses or death. This resignation is not related to any other resignation, she said.

Gilpin also addressed the staff and other board members. “When we put out the news of the [job] opening, would you give us a chance to talk with them?” He wanted time to talk to the candidates before the Board of Supervisors voted on a replacement.

“If anyone is interested in the position, send a letter of interest to me by Nov. 29,” Cannady said. The letter can be sent by email or mail. Cannady’s email address is Qualifications include being a resident of Sun ‘n Lake, being a homeowner in Sun ‘n Lake and being a registered voter.

Supervisors receive $300 a month for their work on the board and for the hours spent preparing for and attending meetings, which are sometimes six hours long.

Tom Kosty, resident, suggested that the Sun ‘n Lake staff send out an announcement for the opening on the Board of Supervisors with the water bill. Cannady told Kosty that the first step would be to send out an eblast and she would discuss his suggestion with the staff.


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