SEBRING — Cheryl Sharp is in charge of recruitment and community outreach for Agero’s call center in Highlands County.

Sharp works closely with Agero’s other locations to help fill positions across the company. She has the responsibility for advertising, sourcing and interviewing for both internal promotions and external hiring.

Sharp partners with her internal customers to understand the skills needed for open positions. By having a thorough knowledge of the business and a full understanding of the skill sets needed for open positions, Sharp can expertly screen candidates for her internal customers. She works diligently to make sure the best candidates are selected for the job.

Sharp works closely with her teammates in Sebring and her peers in the other locations to help meet hiring expectations across all five Agero Contact Center locations. She has a keen focus on meeting her goals, and she partners with her co-workers to make sure all goals are met.

“Cheryl is the kind of person who does not hesitate to help out where help is needed, regardless of her areas of responsibility,” Fred Moran, co-worker at Agero, said. “I work with Cheryl in HR as a trainer for the new hires she recruits.”

In her role as senior recruiter, Sharp also represents Agero in the community — which is important for Agero’s corporate mission. Agero encourages community involvement and corporate citizenship.

“Cheryl has always been very involved with the Sebring community even before joining Agero,” Judy Stone, human resources director for the Sebring location, said. “This is one of the things that made her such a perfect fit to our organization.”

Sharp has been with Agero for over seven years. During this time, she has supported many community events and employee activities. Some of the many organizations she has helped include Habitat for Humanity, YMCA, Big Brothers Big Sisters Winterfest, Highlands County’s food bank, Champion for Children Foundation and Junior Achievement.

“As part of Agero’s 15 year anniversary in 2016, we celebrated by supporting 15 community activities/sponsorships,” Stone said. “Cheryl coordinated the entire effort.”

Sharp builds good relationships between the company and nonprofit organizations in the community. Kevin Roberts, founder and chairman of the board for Champion for Children Foundation, said, “Cheryl is the community liaison at Agero, and Agero is an advocate level sponsor for us.

“They purchase a half-page ad in our program and send four representatives to our banquet, including Cheryl,” Roberts said. “Agero has supported us for over 10 years, as long as they have been here in Sebring.”

“Cheryl has been a leader in our community,” Stone said. “She attended board meetings for the Early Learning Coalition and Junior Achievement, has volunteered at Ag Venture and coordinated activities for The Honor Flight for World War II vets for several years.

“Cheryl has a big heart,” Stone said. “She cares deeply about Sebring. She grew up in this community and raised her family here. She is dedicated to Highlands County, as demonstrated in her involvement in the community.”

Sharp also demonstrates kindness to her fellow co-workers at Agero. “I have great respect for her personally,” Moran said. “I remember after Hurricane Irma, I had purchased a generator for my family, and I was struggling to fit it into my car, but there was not enough space.

“Cheryl happened to be walking nearby, and handed me the keys to her SUV without hesitation,” he said. “I was able to deliver the generator to my family in our time of need.

“It’s these acts of kindness that speak to her character,” Moran said.


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