Here at the Lake Placid Police Department, we not only enforce state laws, we also enforce the Town’s codes and ordinances. Not many friends are made in efforts of enforcing code violations. It is a daunting task

Some of the biggest offenders are those who place signs along town and state right-of-ways. We have permits available to place signs in certain areas, however, we do not have authority to allow any sign to be placed in the median of US 27. We do however, have an agreement to remove any such sign that are placed without FDOT permission.

Next, we constantly deal with parking issues. To some, parking enforcement is a frivolous waste of resources. But I would have to disagree. Let’s take parking along roadside shoulders in areas such as Main Ave. for instance. This is considered a “Soft Shoulder” since it is grass and not paved. The constant pulling off and on to the roadway degrades the roadway very quickly. The asphalt it takes to repair the degraded roadway is not free to the town. The cost of repair is then placed on the tax payers of our community. Therefore, we will continue writing parking citations for the violations.

Other code enforcement related cases we frequently handle are minimum maintenance to buildings, both residential and business. We have an ordinance that requires property owners to keep their properties with structures to a minimum standard. For instance, maintaining a water tight roof, no holes in soffits, exterior walls, and other issues that effect the properties conditions. There is also an ordinance in regards to height of grass. Tall grass invites pests such as rats and snakes. Not too many people want to live next to a location potentially infested with either of those.

I could go on and on about the important mission of code enforcement. The bottom line is, it is essential to have a strong code enforcement to maintain a beautiful and safe community. I believe communities that do not have such a passion for code enforcement tend to see increased criminal activity. We hope, by taking so much pride in the way our communities look, it will indicate to would be criminal elements that we take the condition of our community very seriously and that we would be even more profound in our efforts to prevent crime.

For more information on codes for the Town of Lake Placid, please visit

Lake Placid continues to be a beautiful place to live, work, and visit largely because of the efforts of our Code Enforcement Officer Sergeant Mosty Mullins and the towns horticultural supervisor Daniel Lamarre. A great part of Lake Placid’s beautification process can be attributed to grants received by the Keep Lake Placid Beautiful team. KLPB is a part of Keep America Beautiful.


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