Jean Crouch

Jean Crouch faced a terrible cancer diagnosis, but she calmed her fears by placing her trust in God. She maintained a positive outlook despite battling breast cancer and caring for an 11-year-old son and a mother with dementia.

SEBRING — Jean Crouch placed her trust in God during a tumultuous period in her life when she faced a grim breast cancer diagnosis while at the same time being responsible for the care of her 11-year-old son and her elderly mother with dementia.

Stress coming from every angle can sometimes feel crushing, but Crouch embraced the care and compassion from her husband Ed and Bible Fellowship Church as she struggled to regain her health after the cancer diagnosis in 2008.

Crouch made it a point to remind herself that fear was not an option. “The death rate is 100 percent [for people],” she said. “Everyone will die at some point. I accepted God’s hand in my outcome, and I would not allow fear to determine my actions.”

Her faith in God gave her the strength to accept whatever outcome was before her. “I knew where I was going when I died, and that was a great comfort to me,” she said.

She also avoided the pity party and refused to ask God “Why me?” Instead, she asked, “Why not me?” Even though she had a heavy load caring for her mom and son, she refused to wallow in her problems.

After her diagnosis, she began seeking traditional medical treatments, including lumpectomies and radiation. After those procedures, she chose a holistic route. This path focused on healthy eating and intravenous treatments.

While undergoing conventional medical options, Crouch was away from home for weeks at a time. Members of her church stepped in to care for her family. “Ed and I both said we would not have made it without our church family.”

“Carol Dennis helped with my mom while we were out of town,” she said. Dozens of people from the church helped care for both her mother and their son. It was not just one person who provided support, she said.

People have noticed her resiliency and often tell those who are sick, “You should go and talk with Jean.”

“I love helping people with health, nutrition and their relationships with God,” she said. “I encourage people to evaluate their eating habits and to seek medical advice.” She firmly believes in the importance of healthy eating — fresh fruits and vegetables — and the avoidance of processed foods.

In addition to examining their physical health, Crouch also wants people to look at their spiritual health. “Ultimately, my faith is in the Lord Jesus Christ. These other things — diet and nutrition — are only supportive measures.” She wants other people to draw their strength from God.

The doctors were not sure that Crouch would have a positive outcome because of the type of breast cancer that she had, but she did not let their sad statistics depress her.

Her faith in God and her trust that He would guide her on the arduous journey gave her the strength to overcome her personal health struggles. She now offers a beacon of hope to others suffering from a variety of medical maladies.


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