This is, and has always been a great country. Instead of "Making Our Country Great Again," Donald J. Trump has taken the soul from this country and brought us down to this morally base level where unprotected children are living in horrendous conditions in Clint, Texas and Homestead, Florida in these United States of America. When asked about these conditions, his answer is that he knows it is bad, but it is much better than under President Obama.

Why does he always bring up President Obama? Is there jealousy here?

We are dealing with an incurable narcissist as leader of our country who only knows how to frighten citizens and degrade our nation, stating that only he can fix all our problems. His tactics are distraction, continuous distraction. No where else to look except at him. This is exactly what he wants. Continuous spotlight.

There is no excuse for physical, mental or medical abuse of small children. This is a dark day for our country. My goodness, they are only babies and kids. These children need the basic necessities. We can't afford to do that? Donald J. Trump, have you no shame?

Judith Eckstein



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