LAKE PLACID – The Lake Placid Green Dragons have been on a roller coaster ride the last few games.

In the last three games, Lake Placid blanked the Southwest Florida Christians 43-0, stomped the Mulberry Panthers 43-6 and fell to the Desoto Bulldogs last week by a final score of 16-8.

After all the ups and downs the Green Dragons head to LaBelle to face a Class 4A-District 3 foe in the Labelle Cowboys.

“Last week’s loss to DeSoto hurt and there is no doubt about it,” said Lake Placid Coach Andy Judah. “The passion was fantastic but we just killed ourselves every way we could. I could have done a better job with some of the things I tried to do. I think the main thing is for us to get back to execution. We need to do a better job of seeing what the defense is giving us and taking it. We had some lack of discipline problems last week and we also had only one out of five starters from our offensive line play. A lot of guys were in there giving it their all and it wasn’t the best situation for them. We are going to get healthier and we will be a lot better off.”

Lake Placid has a record of 3-4 for the season and 1-0 in district play. A win over LaBelle, which is 5-1 overall and 1-0 in district action, is a daunting task for the Green Dragons.

“Labelle knows how to win,” said Coach Judah. “They are disciplined and they go after you. When it comes to crunch time they do what they need to do to get it done. They run some things similar to us both on offense and defense. They are very well coached and have been very successful with it. It is going to be a heck of a challenge. Labelle runs a 3-4 defense and we may see something a little different but that is typically what we see from them. Labelle’s Enrique Hernandez is quick and if you give him space you have problems and their quarterback, Bryce Hall, does a very good job of managing the team. They do a lot of readouts and if you go away from where you are supposed to be he will make you pay for it. They have a few guys that are very good and they are well coached. The quarterback makes really good decisions with the football.”

The Labelle Cowboys are coming off a 34-14 victory last week and riding high.

“I think we have done some good things this week,” Judah added. “We are not redefining what we are trying to do but we have tweaked some things. I think it will help us be more successful and give us a little more depth up front and that should help. Our formation will be a little different. Practice steadily improved as the week has progressed. At the beginning of the year we were not where we wanted to be but when we look at the playoff situation it is still right there. If we do what we can do and do what we should do we will be there. It has gotten better and hopefully tonight we will be sharp and be ready to play football.”

The Lake Placid Green Dragons and the Labelle Cowboys will go head to head tonight at 7 p.m. at Cowboy Stadium.


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