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Robert Miller on the treadmill.

Week three in The Biggest Loser program was, for me, not a very fun one. But that’s not the program’s fault, just a couple of bad things that decided to happen at the same time, leaving me with pain and frustration.

After falling during the week two Thursday workout, my knees were hurting but I thought that if I took the weekend to rest them and ice them then I could go into week three as normal.

Not so much.

I started feeling ill on Sunday and ended up missing most of the week of work as well as all my planned workouts. Apparently, there’s a stomach bug going around and everyone in my house had it.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t all I had going on. I was also still dealing with pain in my knees and some real bad pain on the outside of my left knee. By Wednesday that pain was happening every time I bent my knee or tried to stand. The pain was also moving up along my thigh into my hip and lower back. Not fun.

I finally was able to get to my doctor on Thursday and found out that I have something called Iliotibial Band Syndrome. From what the doctor told me, and some of my own research, there is a ligament that runs from your hip down your thigh to just below the knee. This ligament gets inflamed or irritated from overuse and rubs against the bone, causing the pain I have.

Due to this, doctors’ orders are to walk on the treadmill and nothing else; no squats, no running — nothing that could irritate it further until it gets better. So, for now I am tasked with walking two miles a day on the treadmill, six days a week.

I’ve also discovered that after being sick for so long I am very hungry the past few days. I’ve been snacking on fruit like green grapes and fresh strawberries, which are satisfying. I’ve also taken to having cashews handy. A handful or two of those usually curbs that snacking feeling, but when it doesn’t I fall back to the fruit.

I mentioned last time that I needed to add some protein to my morning bowl of fruit, so I have taken to having scrambled eggs and bacon in the morning then some grapes and strawberries. It’s a delicious combination that also fills me up.

Another thing I have started doing to make help with dinner is adding ground beef to the zucchini pasta. It’s not with every meal, but it does add that certain something to the veggie pasta and tomato sauce to make it feel more like a meal. I tried it with some zucchini penne pasta and a light alfredo sauce and it was fantastic. I know alfredo sauce contains cheese, but it’s a small thing I’ve allowed myself to indulge in thus far.

For those following along, week three saw only a two-pound loss, bringing my total so far to 23.25 pounds lost. That’s an average of seven pounds per week, so I’ll take the win.


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