Church of the Brethren — Sebring

SEBRING — Pastor David Smalley’s sermon will be “Together with Jesus” from 1 John 2:14-17. Special music from the choir. Call the church at 863-385-1597.

Church of Buttonwood Bay

SEBRING — Pastor Cecil Hess will preach “Who Wants to Re-enlist?” Special music by Bob Marks.

The church is on U.S. 27, four miles from Highlands Regional Medical Center. For information, call 863-446-3695.

Church of the Way

SEBRING — The Nov. 11 service by Pastor John Nelson will be “God, Call Us!” from John 1:35-51. Sunday school lesson by R.T. Byrum will be on Zephaniah 3.

The church is at 1005 N. Ridgewood Drive in Sebring. See info for EFCA in this paper’s church directory.

First Baptist Church of Lake Josephine

SEBRING — Sunday, Rev. Kevin Ahrens will preach the morning service, “Veteran’s Day — Be Generous,” and Rev. Kevin Ahrens will preach the evening service, “Matthew — The Taker Who Learned to Give.”

The church is at 111 Lake Josephine Drive in Sebring. Visit or call 863-655-1524.

First Presbyterian ARP Church of Avon Park

AVON PARK — Pastor Juan Carlos Unda’s sermon will be “New Person” from 1 Samuel 10:5-11 and John 17:17. Adult Sunday school class will be “Seeking God’s Face” based on 2 Chronicles 7. Choir’s introit will be “Come! Come! Everybody Worship” and the anthem will be “Reach Out and Touch.”

The church is at 206 E. LaGrande St. in Avon Park. Call 863-453-3242.

Heartland Christian Church

SEBRING — Sunday, Pastor Ted Moore will preach “Jesus Honors the Faith of a Veteran” from Matthew 8:5-13. Special by George Kelly singing “God Bless the USA.”

The church is at 2705 Alternate Route 17 South in Sebring (behind Publix). Call 863-314-9693.

New Beginnings Church of Sebring

SEBRING — On Sunday, Pastor Gary Kindle will bring the sermon, “Put Not Your Trust in Prices” from Psalm 247. Bible study this week will be from James chapter 5.

The church is at The Morris Chapel, 307 S. Commerce Ave. Call 863-835-2405.

Parkway Free Will Baptist Church

SEBRING —Pastor Jim Scaggs will bring the morning message based on Genesis 19 and the evening message.

The church is at 3413 Sebring Parkway in Sebring. Call 863-382-3552.

Southside Baptist Church

SEBRING — Sunday, the morning service will be “Learning Contentment” while the evening service will be “Where Are the Nine?”

The church is at 379 S. Commerce Ave. in Sebring.

Spring Lake United Methodist Church

SEBRING — Sunday, Pastor Bill Baldwin will give the sermon, “Thankful for Creation” from Colossians 1:15-20.

The church is at 8170 Cozumel Lane, Sebring. Call 863-655-0040 or email

Spring Lake Presbyterian Church

SEBRING — On Sunday, Pastor John Davis will preach the sermon, “Hospitality” based on Matthew 25:34-36. Fellowship with coffee and sweets will follow service.

The church is at 5887 U.S. 98 in Sebring, look for the big white cross. Call 863-655-0713 or email

St. John United Methodist Church

SEBRING — Sunday, Rev. Ronald De Genaro Jr. will bring the sermon, “We Remember” from John 15:13. Call 863-382-1736.


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