SEBRING — A man with a felony record, arrested on an aggravated battery warrant, now faces charges of possession of a weapon.

Brian Thomas Farrell, 54, of Sebring has been charged with possession of a weapon and/or ammunition by a convicted felon.

Highlands County sheriff’s deputies met with Farrell at 1:37 p.m. Friday, Jan. 4 at his Fernvale Avenue home. Arrest reports said they detained him outside his front door under the warrant, but he asked if he could retrieve his house keys and wallet from a safe in his living room.

He also asked if he could put his dog into a safe room in the house.

After he was searched and had his hands placed in handcuffs in front of him, deputies walked him back into the house, reports said.

First, he put up his dog, reports said, then deputies followed him to his living room where he opened the safe.

The safe was 5 feet high and 3 feet wide. Deputies told him to step back as he opened it, for their safety.

Inside, deputies saw a black rifle with a shoulder strap and RedDot scope attached to it. It was later identified as a .22-caliber Mossberg, which reports state Highlands County 911 Dispatch operators researched by serial number and determined it was not stolen.

The rifle had a loaded magazine inserted into the rifle, although it did not have a round in the chamber, reports state. The magazine had another magazine taped to it for easy reloading.

The magazine inserted into the rifle had eight .22-caliber rounds. The other magazine had 10 rounds, according to reports.

Other items in the safe included Farrell’s wallet and keys, as well as paperwork and medications prescribed to him.

Farrell, reports state, has a criminal history with a felony conviction in Ohio, for trafficking in drugs.


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