As I write this, a tropical system predicted to become a major hurricane is potentially headed our way. Dorian may or may not impact Highlands County but if it does I am certain of one very important fact: The people of this county will deal with it as they did with Hurricane Irma. With concern for their neighbors, and a community spirit that will see us through whatever this may bring.

After Irma, the people of Highlands put on their boots and gloves and mobilized to help each other. I saw people out clearing trees from the yards of folks who could not do so themselves. I watched throughout my neighborhood of Avon Park Lakes as people gave total strangers their extra supplies. I saw our local law enforcement helping little old ladies fill gas cans.

This resilience and strength of character is what makes our little county so awesome.

We may be facing another trial like Irma in 2017 or Charlie, Francis and Jeanne from 2004. But if that is the case, I would certainly rather face it with the great citizens of Highlands County.

We might get knocked down, but we will get right back up stronger than ever.

Dana Orr

Avon Park


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