Cobbler Pose yoga photo June 3

The YMCA yoga class, from left to right: Celeste, Cory, Suzanne, Jean, Seowon and Carol.

“Boddha Kanasana” or Reclining Bound Angle Pose is a relaxing Yoga posture as well as a posture that enhances digestion and improves flexibility and strengthens the groin, knees and inner thighs as the legs are bent and rest on the sides of the body with balls of feet and heels together.

In holding this posture for five minutes, prostate gland functioning, ovaries, bladder and kidneys are stimulated. This Asana is a warm-up pose to awaken the body before initiating more strenuous postures.

For greater relaxation in the posture, sit on a support (a folded towel or a cushion) particularly if it is uncomfortable to lower the knees close to the floor or if the back is rounded. Be sure to distribute weight equally through the legs and lower body to balance the pelvis. Avoid “Cobbler Pose” if you have experienced a hip/shoulder injury or discomfort in the lower groin.

Let’s practice “Cobbler Pose”

To lay back into the pose, bend and lower the knees on each side of the body. Exhale as you lay back bringing the elbows to the floor, stretch your hands out on either side of you or above the head, with palms facing up. Hold this position for 1–5 minutes and maintain relaxed breathing. These Yoga students at the 10:30 a.m. Tuesday Yoga class are enjoying their respite in this pose.

There are variations of the pose, such as maintaining a seated posture, rounding the back deeply and moving forward over the feet as you straighten your back long. Hold the feet with heels and balls of the feet together and open the toes like a book. Press the elbows down into the crevasse of each knee.

Do all of these tight holds at one time and hold several minutes before releasing. This pose helps relieve the sciatica nerve where often tension is held affecting flexibility of the entire leg.

Perhaps the most important quest in our life is to “live” and remain healthy. As we peek into the creation of our reality, we know it takes conscious effort and discipline to actualize. We can find Joy in each moment of the process of “Living,” taking one step at a time along the path that we envision.

Thus, if we set aside a few minutes a day for meditative Yoga postures, our goals will become clearer and move towards manifestation. Just close the eyes, deeply breathe and follow your Dreams. Allow the new you to emerge.


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