Yoga For Life June 17

From left: Christina T., Lindsay Loboda, Shelly Hjggins, Trish, David Best, Lin Lir and Bess.

Various Yoga postures provide practitioners with mental and physical stability during trying times. “The Lord of Dance” also called ”Prancer Pose” builds strength and stamina, lengthens the spine, loosens hips, thighs core, improves balance, concentration, mental focus and is a challenge.

Yoga is the fulcrum which provides a state of equilibrium. “Prancer Pose” ranges from intermediate to advanced and with conscientious focus, beginners can master the body balance that plays a key role in moving into the posture.

Let’s initiate “Dancer Pose” as these Gold’s Gym, 5:30 p.m. Yoga practitioners demonstrate in the Friday class.

Stand next to a wall, feet shoulder width apart with arms by the sides in “Tadassana” or “Mountain Pose.” Turn to the right side and place the right side against the wall for balance. Raise the left foot slowly with a strap wrapped around the toes of the leg as with both hands you pull and lift the arms to the back and raise the leg as far as possible with the strap.

It will take time to achieve balance standing on the right leg kept straight as the body slowly moves forward, so lean the right arm against the wall for balance. Be sure to inhale and exhale slowly during each step. Keep your concentration as you perform each move.

Gradually, lower your leg as you return to the initial pose of “Tadassana.” Repeat on the opposite side. Practice this posture five times for each leg.

Practicing this posture can assist in losing weight, as you burn calories initiating and practicing the posture. The main benefit of “Prancer Pose” is flexibility of the lower body and core as regular practice gradually improves balance.

Due to the challenge of initiating the posture, it is a great stress buster as your mind is calmed. When doing this posture, you will not think of anything else. However, a sense of invigoration is felt after practicing this posture, as it activates your entire body and builds confidence.

“Prancer Pose” is one of the great Yoga challenges to pursue and perfect over time. Might as well begin now. Much success!


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