In the “Viewpoints From a Teenager” column on May 20, 2019, the article “Important to follow the facts” by Miguel Arceo, I say great column. I would give you an A. OK, an A+.

How old are you? It was a well-written, open-minded column and shows you are wise beyond your years.

The one line in the column that sums it all up: “If you get your information from a variety of sources you are able to see things from more than one perspective.” Bulls eye!

You are also on target that we have the right to form our own opinions. That’s right, Miguel! Never follow “group think” or “wolf pack mentality” and most important, tell that to your friends.

So, for now, keep up the good work and always think for yourself. Don’t change. I hope there are millions of more kids that think like you; our future desperately needs that.

Keep one thing in mind, Miguel, if anyone in our government was put under the microscope like our president has been, things will be found out that will make President Trump’s occasional ranting, raving or spouting off (as some view it) seem quite trivial and totally pale in comparison. Personally, I love his “spunk” as he would never survive his presidency these days without it. As I have said before, what has been going on in our government and a segment of our nation since Donald Trump became president is a “psychological phenomenon” that the historians will have fun trying to figure out. People “flipping out” for absolutely no reason whatsoever, especially Hollywood.

As I’ve written before, when people “hate” for so long, they eventually go insane and that’s when things get very dangerous.

Realize that President Trump did not cause these people to flip out and hate. They have always been that way. President Trump is just a convenient target.

At this point in time, we are witnessing the biggest political scandal in the history of this nation. Attorney General Bill Barr will uncover it all and once he does, we can only hope things settle down. We have all heard the saying, “The truth shall set you free” but for all of these haters of President Trump, as I’ve said, they’ve always been that way and they will never be free.

I wrote in an article over a year ago that the FBI, CIA, NSA and Justice Department needed to be looked at closely. Well, it has started and we have already seen what has happened in the upper echelon of the FBI. Many more officials in these organizations, past and present, will fall as the avalanche has just begun. Some of these people will be found out for who they really are. The real corrupters and colluders against our country. These revelations will shock some people while others just say, “It’s about time.”

Robert Gilbert is a Sebring resident. Guest columns are the opinion of the writer, not necessarily that of the Highlands News-Sun.


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