It is important that families (children and parents or guardians) are not separated at the borders. But, having said that, immigrants coming into the country must come legally; if they come across our borders they must be handled in accordance with the law.

I don’t know what administration authorized asylum for domestic abuse and gang violence, but this should not have been authorized. This is saying that we are going to take care of every country that has these issues and that is craziness. This needs to change and anybody that wants asylum in our country should apply to one of our embassies, not do it at the borders.

We really need an immigration law review, but Congress is so wrapped up in their big egos and their political parties that they are not accomplishing their primary jobs and that is taking care of the citizens, things are really messed up and changes need to happen. We also need to get rid of the H1B and lottery systems, if employees think that they need to hire high tech people outside of our country then they need to invest in changing our education system. We have plenty of people in the United States that need the opportunity.

Immigration laws should change with the emphasis on ensuring citizens are safe and have opportunities for a good quality of life. It is also important to take care of the “dreamers;” they shouldn’t be penalized for growing up here.

Ed Dickerson

Avon Park


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