Well, here we go again. Drama Queen Nancy Pelosi is back in power in the House of Representatives, and getting ready to pick a fight with the most egotistical Commander in Chief we have ever had. This should be a battle royal.

The steady drumbeat of the "wall" has put these opposing parties at odds and has caused a vast problem for thousands of federal employees that are out of work. This will be a vast battle of wills on both parts and if it weren't tragic, could be quite entertaining.

Really though, it is the American public that has to watch this typical Washington example of how business is conducted at the federal level. The two-party system, with their stagnant attitudes about how things are done in this country, continue down the same old path of black or white ... nothing gray as far as getting along and passing meaningful legislation. Conservatives and liberals and now our first avowed Socialist has been elected into our government so things might, I say might, change somewhat, but I don't expect any major changes of attitudes from the people that have been in office for years and are set in their ways.

The Democrats really don't like Trump and their whole approach is going to be get him out of office. Is it his policies or is it personal? We will watch and see.

Hal Graves



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Mr. Graves - it is not thousands of Federal workers it is HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of them. The response to them from Trump & Co is to have garage sales, do some babysitting, make arrangements with your creditors etc. This shutdown in order to get his vanity wall is a national disgrace and his Presidency will forever be stained with it. These workers want to work and get paid like everybody else so they can support their families. I may be a Canadian but all Americans are my cousins and I don't want them to suffer or go hungry.

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