Dr. Summer Khan

Dr. Summer Khan, a former professor at Louisiana State University, uses her extensive knowledge and compassion to serve her patients.

SEBRING — Dr. Summer Khan is known as an obstetrician and gynecologist with a heart full of compassion for her patients and a woman who believes in inspiring and motivating other women.

People may not know that she was once an associate professor at Louisiana State University who taught obstetrics and gynecology. Her extensive knowledge of women’s health has allowed her to successfully treat patients, such as Natalia Naty, who were unable to find answers to their physical issues from other doctors.

“My miracle baby would not be here today celebrating his second week of life if it was not for the amazing care I received after someone rear-ended me, and I had partial placenta tear (which caused me to bleed heavily for 4 months straight),” Naty said.

“Dr. Summer Nasim Khan saved my life,” Naty said. “She was not my original obstetrician, but she was the one who responded when I was rushed into the emergency room going into shock due to the extensive blood lost. Because of her wisdom, knowledge and intelligence, she quickly figured out the issue and saved my life.

“I was in and out of the hospital countless times, while also dealing with hydronephrosis, having surgery and a having stent placed to relieve my kidney,” she said. “I also had infusions, chronic pain, and I was unable to work and provide for my family.

“Today I have my miracle baby, because she provided excellent care with compassion and pure heavenly love for my family,” Naty said. “Not once did Dr. Khan hesitate in evaluating or further examining me with any new symptoms. Because of Dr. Khan’s profound dedication, education, experience and godly anointing, my baby is healthy and alive.

“Because of Dr. Khan, my babies have their mommy. I’m an RN and my wounds have healed beautifully,” she said. “I wouldn’t have another OB/GYN except for Dr. Khan.”

Naty continued, “Thank you Dr. Khan for all you do for our community, our babies and our health, but most of all for being a lifesaver. We love you very much! Dr. Khan you’re the best, most giving, strong, and beautiful person. You’re an example to so many women, and you’re my hero. You inspire me. You saved me. I’m forever grateful to you.”

Besides showing compassion, Khan uses her practice to inspire women in all areas of their lives. She posts positive messages for her patients in the examining rooms and takes extra time with her patients to explain how they can improve their physical and emotional health.

After reading the messages in the examining rooms, her patients feel empowered. Khan writes messages on a chalkboard such as, “Beautiful woman, you are powerful, beautiful, brilliant and brave.” Below that message, are the words, “We all have a Wonder Woman inside us.”

At the checkout desk, Khan continues her inspirational messages with these words: “In happy moments praise God. In difficult moments seek God. In quiet moments worship God. In painful moments trust God. In every moment thank God.”

Rather than a brief five or 10-minute session that rushes through information, Khan gives extended time to her patients so she can answer their questions and evaluate them thoroughly.

Khan does not limit her practice to patients in Sebring; she also enjoys traveling for medical mission trips. In June, she traveled to Puerto Rico to provide aid, including medical care, to women who were victims of Hurricane Maria.


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