LAKE PLACID — There’s a new place to dine in Lake Placid. At least the location is new, and the owners are new; but, the concept of a Lake Placid High School theme continues. Formerly, Jackie and Bill Austin operated the Alumni Grill, just down the street from the ‘just opened’ restaurant. The new version is called the Lake Placid Alumni Grill, located at 340 E. Interlake Blvd. in downtown Lake Placid. It’s right next to Hartzell’s Market.

New owners Eric and Suzie Conner are great friends with the Austins. So, when the Conners talked about continuing the ‘alumni’ theme, it was met with enthusiasm from the Austins. In fact, Suzie Conner almost grew up in the restaurant business, with her parents owning the Golden Corral in town.

So, after much planning and decorating, the LP Alumni Grill opened to customers on Feb. 7. Again, like before, the high school sports banners are on display, along with tons of memorabilia and school photos, dating back to 1939.

While the predominant color inside is ‘Dragon green,’ you don’t have to have gone to Lake Placid schools to enjoy breakfast, lunch (and on Friday nights – dinner). You just have to be hungry.

Beginning at 6:30 every morning (except Sunday), bakery-style breakfasts appear. There’s quiche, casserole, and pinwheel biscuits and gravy. Suzie makes homemade donuts, sticky buns and cinnamon rolls from scratch. You can even get a bagel with cream cheese, along with fresh-brewed coffee.

You’ll have to visit them on Facebook to see the many lunch choices (until 3 p.m). Every day they come up with a burger of the day and a soup de jour. Many of the menu burgers have catchy names, like the Trailblazer, Big Boy’s Bacon Burger and more. How about building your own deli sandwich, served with chips and an antipasto pasta salad?

Speaking of salads, they range from grapefruit plates to Southwest chopped salad to Buffalo chicken Cobb to DJ’s favorite chef salad. You can enjoy clubs, Cubans, Philly’s and hoagies as well. Check out the chalkboard for specials.

Here’s a neat twist: Although the dining room is only open late (9 p.m.) on Fridays, you can still get dinners to take home Monday through Friday. Call in and pick them up by 3 p.m. Each day weekly theme meals can be pre-ordered and available for pickup. No need to cook on those days. Just tell them how big your family is. By the way, on “Throwback Thursdays” you will get school cafeteria favorites, but better! Taco Tuesday offers a variety of different kinds of tacos.

Did we mention Suzie’s Sweet Creations made-with-love desserts, especially the cupcakes and brownies. Bring the kids — they have their own menu. Plus, you can have them find your class picture on the tables or on the walls. Somehow, one of the previous homecoming king’s picture ended up in the ladies room. Just don‘t tell him it’s there.

Suzie Conner stresses that she only uses fresh ground beef and fresh hand-breaded chicken. Delivery is available to local businesses. For parties or take-out, call 239-603-2870. Credit cards accepted. Enjoy the nostalgia!


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