Laura Shirley

Laura Shirley is a successful realtor and broker for Re/Max Realty Plus II in Lake Placid.

LAKE PLACID — Laura Shirley is a proud Florida gal. It even says so in her business advertisements. Beyond that, Shirley is a successful realtor and broker for Re/Max Realty Plus II.

While Shirley is stationed in the Lake Placid office, she sells properties and homes throughout Highlands County. She has been licensed for nearly 20 years and has ridden the roller coaster ride of the recent recession and is now celebrating a strengthening market.

It would seem that everyone holds Shirley in high esteem, both professionally and personally.

“I love her,” Office Manager Orpha Hernandez said. “I have been with her for 12 years. That should tell you what kind of boss she is.”

Hernandez’s comments are reflected by other coworkers in the Re/Max office and other realty offices in the county. The Heartland Association of Realtors Inc. has named Shirley Realtor of the Year, Hall of Fame inductee and a two-time Congeniality Winner.

“Laura is a go–getter,” Hernandez said. “She is very thoughtful and knowledgeable in buying and selling property. She is willing to go the extra mile for her clients. People will return to her for their real estate needs multiple times. She gets many referrals because of her skills.”

Hernandez said that her biggest weakness is the same as her biggest strength: determination.

“Laura is very determined that her clients should have a smooth and positive closing and she will do almost anything to make sure the transaction goes smoothly. She sacrifices for her clients,” she said.

Linda Boring is a friend and Sebring Re/Max office colleague and was more than happy to share the secret of Shirley’s success.

“Laura has empathy for people,” Boring said. “She puts people at ease and will bend over backwards for them to get their dream home.”

Boring says Shirley instills loyalty with her clients and her colleagues by treating everyone with respect and kindness. Shirley uses a lead-by-example style of leadership.

“Laura knows how to promote her business,” Boring said. “She is very knowledgeable and is always continuing her education to stay on top of her industry. She fights to get the best deal for her buyers and get the best price for her clients that are selling.”

Shirley is married to husband, Tom, with whom she has three grown children. With an empty nest, the couple have a bit more free time these days to ponder life after retirement.

When Shirley retires, she and Tom will travel and if Shirley has anything to say about it, it will be in an RV to the great outdoors.

“Laura is a free spirit; I can see her taking off and camping,” Boring said. “She loves anything to do with outdoor life and that includes exercising and taking nature walks.”

Shirley has the experience and education to move properties. Her personality and motivation speak volumes to her clients.


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