Sung to the tune of The Beverly Hillbillies Theme

Listen to our story ‘bout a man named Trump,

saw our country falling into economic slump.

Said, “Our nation’s capital’s the place I ought to be,

so he set his mind to being his party’s nominee.

Hit the campaign trail and clearly stated where he stood —

to drain the swamp and build the wall as quickly as he could,

also said our veterans deserve the very best,

for all they’ve done on our behalf, their plight must be addressed.

Once in the Oval Office, he wasted not a day

to tackle our problems and improve things right away.

But the media and Liberals just mocked him in the press,

made clear their foremost goal: to nourish their own stress.

They extended not a handshake; no dialogue they sought.

They held their biased reins in fists to keep them firmly taut.

Trump had offered many times to reach across the aisle,

but refusing to put country first seems Dems defining style.

We must judge our leaders by accomplishments and facts,

based on truth and fair reports, with research at their backs.

Here are just a few of Trump’s substantiated deeds,

despite the Left’s attempt nonstop to actively impede.

He lessened regulations that kept business from our land,

now many have embraced Trump’s savvy, outstretched hand.

Unemployment rates keep dropping, now at record low,

while wages go on climbing and the take-home checks still grow.

Trump has signed new tax cuts, of which majority percent

goes to average taxpayers to decide how it is spent,

For families with children, tax credit has increased,

and elder care is in there, too, another helpful piece.

Our military now rebuilds its readiness to serve,

wrapped in a respect the men and women so deserve.

And on our southern border, ICE stands to guard our lives,

while Liberals shelter outlaws, not caring if we thrive.

They make light of border crossings; insist there really is no threat.

They’re quick to alter facts or choose unwisely to forget

the death and harm illegals cause to law-abiding families,

whose dollars pay for medical, free housing and court fees.

Our president is not alone in the way that he is thinking;

Most of us agree our country’s common sense is shrinking.

“Leaders” have forgotten their main purpose in D.C.

is not to push agendas, or bully those who disagree.

It’s time to rewrite policies and stop singing them off key.

Both Republicans and Democrats must accept reality.

It’s time to put aside your rash, ineffective, squawks.”

And if you still don’t hear us, well, we have the ballot box.

Millie Richmond is a Sebring resident. Guest columns are the opinion of the writer, not necessarily that of the Highlands News-Sun.


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