LAKE PLACID — A Lake Placid man allegedly went to his ex-partner’s house and started beating on the front door and window before battering his ex-partner and her new boyfriend.

Ray Allen Nathaniel McCullough, 24, of Lake Placid, was arrested by Lake Placid Police Department around 4 a.m. Saturday, Dec. 1. McCullough was charged with battery, battery causing bodily harm, aggravated battery, burglary with assault or battery, and parole violation.

A woman and her boyfriend were asleep in the house when they heard someone, who identified as McCullough, banging on the front door and window, the report states. The woman told McCullough, “Get out of here,” and she also informed him he was not supposed to be there, authorities say.

However, McCullough reportedly pushed his ex-partner and caused her to fall to the floor, and then he walked through the door of the residence. McCullough walked to the bedroom and allegedly yelled at the new boyfriend, stating that he did not belong there.

McCullough reportedly began striking the new boyfriend on top of the head and punching him. The new boyfriend told deputies that McCullough strangled him for more than five seconds, which impeded his breathing.

The deputy observed fresh bruising and contusions on the new boyfriend’s neck, as well as blood coming from his left earring.

McCullough is currently on parole.


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