Over 60 million people worldwide have fallen in love with the story, characters and music in Mamma Mia! This is a show you don’t want to miss. It is full of fun, music and surprises!

The group ABBA was very popular back in the 1970s when disco dancing and tie-dye shirts were in vogue. Their music has transcended time and is the backdrop to telling this entertaining story.

The all-star cast includes Dawn Smith (as Donna Sheridan), Sydney Hitt (Sophie Sheridan), Martile Blackman (Tanya Cresham-Leigh), Amanda Mercer (Rosie Mulligan), Gary Johnson (Sam Carmichael), Marcus Conerly (Harry Bright), Rodger Smith (Bill Austin), Isaac Hernandez (Sky), Hannah Summer (Ali), Olivia Gallo (Lisa), Kody Short (Eddie) and Paolo Pineda (Pepper).

It is interesting to note that there are some Highlands Little Theatre families with multiple members in the production. They include Amanda Mercer and Larissa Meager (mother and daughter); Dawn, Rodger and Aslan Smith (parents of Aslan); Sydney and Cassady Hitt (sisters); and Martile and Ali Blackman (mother and daughter).

Sophie is with her best friends Lisa and Ali, making plans for her wedding. Sophie finds her mom’s (Donna) diary and tries to find out who her father is. Donna had a wild time on an idyllic Greek island where Sophie was conceived 21 years ago.

There are three potential father candidates listed in Donna’s diary; Sam, Bill and Harry. Sophie decides to invite them all to the wedding so she can have her father walk her down the aisle when she marries Sky.

Donna’s good friends Rosie and Tanya arrive to attend the wedding on the tropical Greek island. They have a wonderful reunion as they reminisce about the fun times they enjoyed in the past.

The men are not sure why there were invited, but all came to the island. It’s funny to watch Sophie eavesdrop on their conversation as they try to figure out why there were invited and to see Donna come unglued when their presence is known.

Donna sings “Mamma Mia, here we go again!” She is definitely not happy to see any of these men at her daughter’s wedding.

As Sophie, Sky, Donna and their friends, along with the three potential dads prepare for the big day, emotions run high and surprises abound. Be sure to get your tickets now as the show runs through Sunday, June 23.

You can purchase tickets on their website at www.highlandslittletheatre.org or by calling the box office at 863-382-2525.


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