Trevor Aubrey Nicholson


SEBRING — A woman who met a man through a dating application reported getting threatening communications from him, apparently threatening gun violence.

Trevor Aubrey Nicholson, 21, of Lorida faces charges of aggravated stalking, intimidation through threat to kill or injure, using a two-way communication device to commit a felony and resisting an officer without violence. He is in Highlands County Jail in lieu of $17,000 bond.

Arrest reports state that at 12:20 p.m. Saturday, Highlands County sheriff’s deputies went to the Sebring home of a 21-year-old woman who said Nicholson had threatened her.

She told deputies she had met him through a mobile dating application and that he had been to her residence in the past.

Reports state she provided deputies with copies of text messages between herself and Nicholson. Allegedly, he texted to say he was outside her residence and was asking if her dogs bit.

Another message said he was right outside the window closest to her door.

He then said, “I am coming for you. See you soon.”

Reports state he then told her “it’s a surprise. You probably won’t like it though. I have an AR-10.”

An AR-10 is an “ArmaLite AR-10,” a 7.62×51 mm NATO battle rifle developed by Eugene Stoner in the late 1950s and manufactured by ArmaLite.

The woman told deputies Nicholson’s text messages made her fear for her life.

Deputies checked Nicholson’s Facebook page and “observed pictures of ammunition and an assault rifle on it,” reports stated.

Deputies went to Nicholson’s address on Hicks Road in Lorida and spoke with him on the matter. His statements, with regard to the accusations, were redacted from reports under public records exemptions for statements that may be confessions.

Deputies attempted to “pat down” Nicholson for weapons, reports stated, but he allegedly pulled away. Deputies struggled with him and tackled him, but he continued to attempt to keep his hands away from deputies, reports stated.

Deputies asked if they could search his room, and Nicholson said he did not consent, but allegedly told them he had a 20-gauge shotgun in the room.

After obtaining a search warrant, reports stated, deputies searched his room, and found the shotgun, two rounds of .38-caliber ammunition and a “meth” pipe.

A background check showed Nicholson had two temporary injunctions from the state of Tennessee, on charges of domestic assault and vandalism.

The domestic assault injunction, reportedly, stated he is not to possess firearms.


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