Medical care

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Terry Paxton

During his various white trash rallies, I haven't heard of any new proposals concerning the TrumpNOCare program. I guess too much time is spent in aimless and droning babbling about opposition to his plan to become King of America. Oh, how is that Great Wall of Trump coming along? It's not, you say? Well fancy that!

Terry Paxton

What happened to that "great new healthcare program" that Mr. Trump was droning about? It was supposed to be so wonderful, we wouldn't believe it! He was right. We don't believe. TrumpNOCare still a work in progress.


What happened to the great new health care package that Obama and his cronies were blithering about? You know the one - "If you like your Dr. you can keep your Dr." , "If you like your plan you can keep your plan", "We have to pass it before you can see what's in it", Forcing people to buy something they could not afford (at insane prices)and fining them if they didn't, the government deciding what medical care one needs, and many other failures of Obama care. Perhaps if you loons on the left were to work WITH the legally elected POTUS instead of hating 24/7 we could get something done. You are the biggest hypocrites on earth, and certifiably insane to boot.

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