The Monday Mezza golf group played at Golf Hammock Country Club on Dec. 3. The group will return to Golf Hammock on Dec. 10 for a 7:45 am shotgun start. The Mezza Group also plays Harder Hall on Wednesday and Friday at 8:00 am. Newcomers are welcome. This is a great way to meet other golfers in your community. Come out and join us!

Group A had Les Campbell and Mike McDonald tie for the first and second place with even scores.

Group B had Dick Woods with a plus five for first place in this group. Next best in the B group was Paul Doud in second with an even score.

In Group C, Stan Griffis had a good round with a plus four to walk into first place. Paul Fore and Mike La Jiness scored plus three to finish in second and third place.

Group D had Gary Phillips finish first with a plus two. Second place with an even score was Chucl Imboden. Third place was a tie between Bob Trier and Bob Troup at minus one.

Group E had Joe Hyzny and Roy Clark tied at even scores for first and second place.

In Group G, Johnny McEachren was first with a plus three score. Second place goes to David Mulligan with an even score.

Group H had Paul Brown II at plus three for first place. Second place was Paul Skidmore with plus two.

Group I had Norm Owers in first place with a plus four. Second place goes to Herry Durst with plus two. Jim Miller had an even score to give him the honor of third place in this group.

Group J saw Terri Trumbull at plus two for first place. Second place with minus two goes to Ralf Pickering.

Group K had Blaine Thurston in first place with a plus ten. Second place goes to Pete Broksch with plus three.

Group L had Jim Reed in first place with plus seven. Greg Brewer was second with plus one.

In Group M, Janet Regan was first with a plus five. Nice round Janet! Chick Regan was trying to catch her but came in second with plus one. Third place with an even score was Jerry Hodges.

Group N had Ed Chroscinski in first place with a plus six. Nice round Ed! Jim Chapman was second with a plus three.

Great round and see everyone next week!

For more information, call Joe Hyzny at 863-318-7960, text 863-458-0248 or email at


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