Yada, yada, yada, here we go again. After Columbine they said "we have to do something about guns." Then after Sandy Hook they said, "we have to do something about guns." Then there was the shooting at the hotel in Las Vegas that killed scores of people and they said, "we have to do something about guns." The shooting at Parkland High school got the same refrain. Now the two shootings at Dayton and El Paso have got the country up in arms (no pun intended) to get something done about guns.

The 2nd Amendment as written was fine in 1776 but is not germane to today's society. What with white Supremacists, neo-Nazis, drug wars, gangs and the Mafia, we do not resemble the country of George Washington and it is time the 535 tone deaf people we send to D.C. understand that the rest of us 330 million people want and demand some solid action.

No one needs bump stocks, assault rifles or ammunition clips that hold a hundred bullets, except the military.

The NRA has got those politicians in their back pocket and that has got to change. Background checks have to be done and looked at correctly. People with mental problems need to be identified and gun shops need to be very selective in who they sell weapons to.

Both political parties have expressed some concern in doing something in September when they return to D.C. Let's hope that "something" isn't more "thoughts and prayers."

Hal Graves



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