Strong, beautiful ladies - please consider the following:

1. Your long, straight hair is gorgeous. Having had wavy, frizzled hair my entire life, I envy you. Rock what you were born with!

2. Facial studs and rings are your choice. While not my personal preference, there are ladies who wear them with class and elegance.

3. Tattoos are, again, your choice. Lots of us decided to get a memorial to fallen and passed-away loved ones permanently ingrained on our bodies so that we can feel closer to them (rest in peace, Grandma). There are ladies who wear them with class and elegance. Rock it.

4. Above all, these things are your choice, and if it makes you feel like the woman you were born to be, let the world see you and be a beacon for other like-minded women.

How dare you judge us. It is not your place to tell us what is and is not ugly about us based on your extremely limited and close-minded preferences.

By the way, not all of us women want to appeal to men …

With sunshine and rainbows.

Adrienne Pierce



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