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AVON PARK — The installation of rumble strips at a city intersection is being consider to slow down traffic, but City Attorney Gerald Buhr will explain some of the potential legal issues with the traffic control devices at tonight’s City Council meeting.

City Manager David Flowers said the location that is being considered for the rumble strips is the three-way stop intersection at East Circle Street and North Delaney Avenue, which is on the north side of Lake Verona.

“People are kind of flying through it,” he said.

In a Sept. 9 letter, City Attorney Gerald Buhr stated rumble stripping is “one of a set of raised strips on a road that makes a low sound when vehicles drive over it to warn drivers to slow down or change direction because they are getting close to something.”

It can also be accomplished by cutting grooves in the road, he noted.

Buhr stated, in general, anytime the City chooses to alter its streets and alleys, or any traffic control device, it needs to consider the fact that the City could lose some of its immunity under sovereign immunity.

If the City Council believes rumble strips are in the best interest for the City, Buhr advises the City should hire an experience street engineer to assist in evaluating the value of rumble strips for traffic calming safety compared to the potential for additional liability or lawsuit defense.

If Council decides to go forward, Buhr noted, the traffic engineer would prepare the proper design specifications and location for the strips in adherence to Department of Transportation standards.


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