AVON PARK — Fully staffed, a new magistrate and almost ready for weekend coverage, the City of Avon Park’s Code Enforcement Department is on task to address code violations.

At a recent City Council meeting, City Manager David Flowers reported that the person the City Council selected at its previous meeting, as Code Enforcement magistrate, did accept the position and will start with the code hearings on July 17. The City Council had unanimously selected Thomas Thanas of the Dye Harrison firm in Bradenton.

Councilwoman Maria Sutherland asked if there is any Code Enforcement activity over the weekends.

Flowers said the Code Enforcement Department is back up to being fully staffed with the transfer of a city employee from the Street Department. That person is being trained at this time. No one is working the weekends now, but there will be very soon, he said.

All three Code Enforcement officers will be taking the certification class within the next few months, Flowers added.

Sutherland said a lot of stuff happens on the weekends. Would the City Council members or the public have access to any of the Code Enforcement staff on the weekends so if something is seen they can be notified immediately?

Flowers said an on-call number can be provided to the City Council, but it would probably be better to go through himself or Code Enforcement Supervisor Marnita English.

Flowers presented a report on Code Enforcement activity for April, May and June, which included the following:

• 385 closed cases.

• 308 initial inspections.

• 346 re-inspections.

• 308 courtesy letters.

• 69 delinquent notices.

• 3 additional notices.

• 1 notice to appear.

• 277 certified letters sent.

• 290 verbal warnings.


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