AVON PARK — The City Council approved an agreement to extend its utility lines southward on U.S. 27 to Valerie Boulevard to service the Wawa convenience store to be built at the northeast corner of the intersection.

At a recent City Council meeting, City Manager David Flowers said in 2018 the city agreed to extend its water and and sewer lines south along U.S. 27 to serve the new location at Valerie Boulevard.

There was no previous agreement with Wawa, Flowers noted. The city’s infrastructure director, Ronnie Jones, has been working on it.

City Attorney Gerald Buhr asked if the agreement can be done at the next meeting?

Jones replied said he would like to get it approved now if possible.

Buhr said the draft agreement is nearly complete, but he has to add in some numbers he had just received. It won’t take long to finish up the agreement.

“If you can approve it subject to my final approval, that would be fine,” he said.

Councilwoman Maria Sutherland asked if it would be used as a template for any future agreements?

Buhr responded, “Yes. This is actually, I call it, a medium scale agreement as opposed to somebody who is hooking up and has no construction involved whatsoever.

“This one is smaller than the Nucor agreement, but it is a lot of the same provisions,” he said.

The City Council unanimously approved the utility agreement with Wawa subject to the review by Buhr.

The agreement is between the City of Avon Park and BW27 Valerie LLC., Tampa.

According to the agreement, BW27 agrees to pay all cost of the city expended on behalf of BW27, whether directly, or indirectly, related to the project, including legal costs, engineering review and inspections and land use consultant.

Also, the agreement shows, BW27 will pay the city an impact fee identified in the City Code as a Capacity Fee. The fee is based on the estimated size of the water meter for the water fee and on the estimated flow of wastewater from BW27 to the city.


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