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AVON PARK — More than 70 have applied for the Avon Park city manager position with still plenty of time remaining on the six-week period for accepting applications, which ends Nov. 15.

Interim City Manger Kim Gay said Friday the city has more than 70 applicants for the position, which haven’t gone through any “separations,” she said, referring to organizing them into local, area and out-of-state applicants.

Many are being contacted to fill out applications so there isn’t a tracking system yet, she said.

The position has only been advertised for about a week, Gay said. She believes the influx of applications should start slowing down and Human Resources will begin organizing the applications as they come in.

Highlands News-Sun had requested the names, location and position of the applicants, but due to the large number of applicants, has modified its request to those from Highlands County and surrounding counties.

Gay said they will be able to provide that information in a few days.

The city manager position is advertised with a salary range of $80,000 to $120,000, depending on qualifications.

The city manager selection process will include a citizens committee as suggested by Mayor Garrett Anderson.

City Council had agreed the committee will have seven members with council selecting the members, from those who apply, at Monday’s meeting.

The council meeting agenda shows applications from two for the citizens selection committee — Tim Devlin and Brad Haislip.

Gay said the meeting agenda includes the two who have provided bios. There are two more who are interested, but have not turned in their bios — Stanley Merantus and Huston Foy Hall.

There was another person who submitted a bio, but then withdrew it after deciding they didn’t want to be on the committee, she said.

The council was hoping for seven on the committee; maybe there will be some people at Monday’s City Council meeting who will be interested, Gay said.


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