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The City of Avon Park will be going through a formal bid process to receive quotes on the installation of an electrical generator at City Hall.

AVON PARK — After receiving three quotes to install an electrical generator at City Hall, the city will go through a formal bid process in seeking a contractor for the project.

The city contacted area electrical firms and received quotes from three companies ranging from $37,500 to $51,295 for the installation of a generator that would provide electricity to City Hall in the event of a power outage such as due to a hurricane. Two electrical contractors replied they were too busy to bid the project.

At a recent City Council meeting, Councilwoman Maria Sutherland said the bids were submitted at different times with different specifications; for example, one includes the concrete pad and another states the city will provide the pad.

City staff said the city was going to do the pad. The city sought quotes for setting the generator on the pad, the installation of a transfer switch and the required wiring to the generator.

Mayor Garrett Anderson said there have been instances in the past when the city receives quotes and the services or scope of work don’t match up among the companies.

Sutherland said she does not feel comfortable not going through the formal bid process in accordance with the city’s policy.

The companies submitted their quotes at different times and they become a public record instead of keeping them sealed and opening them at the same time to be totally fair so there is no appearance of favoritism, she said. Anything in excess of $25,000 should have been specified and advertised through a formal bid process.

Utilities Director Josh Turner said the original four electrical contractors were given 30 days to provide a quote and all four came back with no bid. So the city tried to find contractors that would provide a bid and three were found.

The generator, which cost $50,000, is being built in Miami and is expected to be delivered to the city in two months.

Anderson said the city has time to put the project out to bid.

Interim City Attorney Gerald Buhr said the city should follow its procurement policy.


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