AVON PARK — A drive-by shooting in the area of Tulane Drive and Hal McRae Boulevard Friday evening resulted in two arrests and no injuries, according to Highlands County Sheriff’s Office reports.

At approximately 7:30 p.m. Friday, Aug. 9, a detective with the Highlands County Sheriff’s Office was summoned to a residence concerning a drive-by shooting. When the detective arrived on scene, the victim’s location and welfare was unknown, reports state.

After speaking with uniformed deputies who were on scene, the detective was informed the victim had been in contact with deputies. Deputies also informed the detective that several shots had been fired toward occupied residences and that at least one stray bullet had struck a parked vehicle, according to reports.

Detectives were able to retrieve a bullet from the parked vehicle.

According the reports, the victim and a friend were walking east towards Hal McRae Boulevard when a brown/gold colored Chevrolet Malibu rolled up beside them. Reportedly the driver and the passenger, Jatavian Tayshaan Holder, 18, of Sebring, attempted to make contact with the victims. The victim yelled back at the suspects and that was when Holder reportedly leaned out of the passenger window and fired several shots at the victim while the car was still moving, reports state.

The victim told detectives they fled the area — the friend fleeing in the opposite direction. Detectives did not find any casings at the scene but witnesses on scene, as well as the victim, told detectives that they only remember four to five shots being fired, according to reports.

Detectives conducted a photographic lineup with the victim who positively identified Holder as the shooter as well as positively identified the driver, a juvenile; which led to both being arrested.

Holder had an active warrant for failure to appear for battery with a $2,000 bond and probable cause for attempted murder. The driver, 17, also had an active warrant out for probable cause for attempted murder, according to reports.

While conducting surveillance Saturday on Holder’s residence on Katcalani Avenue in Sebring, Sheriff’s Office COPS units observed both suspects leaving the residence in a silver Chrysler 300 along with a third party. Deputies conducted a traffic stop where the suspects were taken into custody, reports state. Two firearms were found inside the vehicle.

A silver Smith and Wesson .38 caliber revolver was found by authorities near the juvenile defendant’s feet in the rear right passenger seat, facing the front of the vehicle, according to reports. The revolver was loaded with live ammunition.

Under the center of the front passenger seat where Holder was seated, authorities found a black, semi-automatic 9mm Glock handgun facing the rear of the vehicle, also loaded with live ammunition, reports state.

Once Holder was arrested, deputies executed a search warrant on Holder’s residence and found a box containing 5.1 grams of cannabis in four individual baggies, unused baggies and three cartridges filled with THC oil all under the bed; one black digital scale with cannabis residue on it; a silver with blue handled handgun with the serial numbers completely sanded off; and $600 folded inside the dresser, according to reports.

Deputies learned the Glock firearm found at Holder’s feet was reported stolen by the Turner County Sheriff’s Office in Georgia on Aug. 5, 2018, reports state.

Both suspects were arrested and transported to the Highlands County Jail. Holder was charged with one count of felony carrying a concealed weapon or firearm; one count of felony grand theft of a firearm; one count of felony attempted murder not premeditated during specific felony; one count of felony discharge of a firearm from a vehicle; one count of felony firing a missile into a dwelling, vehicle, building or aircraft; one count of misdemeanor deliver, possession or selling of an altered firearm; one count of felony marijuana possession with intent to sell, manufacture, or deliver schedule 1; one count of felony drug possession of a controlled substance without a prescription; one count of misdemeanor marijuana possession not more than 20 grams and one count of misdemeanor drug equipment possession and/or use.


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