LAKE PLACID — Maria E. Kingsley, 52, of Lake Placid, was arrested Sunday by Highlands County Sheriff’s Office deputies. She is facing third degree felony charges of burglary of an unoccupied conveyance and larceny, grand theft $300 but less than $5,000 stemming from incidences that took place Dec. 1 to Dec. 26, 2018.

David A. Kingsley Sr., 43, of Wauchula, was arrested Sunday as well at the Avon Park Walmart. He faces a first degree misdemeanor — petit theft of at least $100 but less than $300.

According to arrest records, Robert “Jimmy” Wells was the victim of burglary and grand theft by Maria Kingsley. While Wells was in jail, Maria’s husband, David, reportedly lost his roofing job. David went to jail on an unrelated case and Maria was eventually left homeless, according to the report.

While Wells was incarcerated, he had his son pull a motor home onto his Lake Placid residence property for storage while he was waiting for his home to be sold. According to the Sheriff’s Office report, items from the property went missing, including a rare Budweiser mirror/sign, among other items.

A family friend told the son he saw a female occupying the motor home. The family friend said he questioned Maria Kingsley when he saw an extension cord running from the home to the motor home.

The son checked out the home and found missing items including the Budweiser sign. A Budweiser sign matching the one belonging to Wells was found on David Kingsley’s social media page for sale.

Wells said he did not give anyone permission to use the home(s) or remove property. Wells stated that prior to being incarcerated David Kingsley Sr. and his son, David Kingsley Jr., were roofers for him.

David Kingsley Sr.’s arrest report indicates law enforcement could not find Maria Kingsley.

Wells, the owner of Wells Roofing, has been in the Highlands County jail since July 2018 when he started wracking up charges that included drug possession and dozens of counts of larceny, grand theft and performing work without a building permit during a state of emergency.

Multiple victims came forward after they hired Wells to repair or replace their roofs after Hurricane Irma damaged them in September 2017. As a contractor, Wells employed several roofers.

A separate arrest report for David Kingsley Sr. shows he was arrested on Sunday by deputies because he allegedly placed 17 items in his buggy at Walmart. Those items included groceries to hardware items. Kingsley was watched by two loss prevention specialists as he allegedly walked past cash registers with the items, which totaled $276.55.

The arresting deputy remarked the suspect had no money or any way to pay for the items in his wallet. According to authorities, Maria Kingsley was with him at the time of his arrest. She was arrested at that time as well.


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