Campus security

The School Board of Highlands County will consider approval Tuesday of developing the new position of “campus gate monitor.”

SEBRING — A new position for each campus related to school security is being developed by The School Board of Highlands County while four applicants thus far have applied for the new position of director of safety and security.

At its Tuesday meeting, the School Board will vote to start the administrative process to develop the position of “campus gate monitor.”

The responsibilities of the position include the following:

• Implement campus security, policies and practices as directed by school administrators.

• Determine the purpose for presence of outsiders on campus.

• Verify exiting students for authorized passes during school hours.

• Assist with pre-school student drop off and after-school pick up.

• Responsible for securing campus gates while school is in session.

• Visually monitor campus buildings and grounds for the presence of outsiders on campus, using campus surveillance system.

• Report, to school administration, any security deficiencies or potential issues, including students that are in hallways during class time, as determined by viewed surveillance system.

In recent months the district has been erecting fences at school campuses to improve security and to have one entry location.

Deputy Superintendent Andrew Lethbridge said the hope is to have the positions filled by the beginning of the 2019-20 school year.

When the gate monitor is not at work due to vacation or sickness, trained substitutes would likely fill in to cover the position, he said.

“All of this is contingent upon board approval,” Lethbridge said. The School Board has heard the plan, but they have not approved the allocation for the position.

The position will be a pay grade 7 on the non-instructional salary schedule.

Lethbridge explained the pay levels range from 6 to 16 with pay grade 7 starting at $9.64 per hour and reaching $15.51 per hour at 17 years experience.

Also, the district has four applicants thus far for the new position of director of safety and security, but none of those applicants are from within the school district, he said.

The applicants have not been screened for eligibility. Jobs are screened upon closing, according to the Human Resources Department. The closing date for the position is Monday.


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