David Flowers

David Flowers is now on the job as Avon Park’s new city manager.

AVON PARK — On his first day on the job Monday, Avon Park City Manager David Flowers propped open the double doors to the administrative offices on the second-floor of City Hall.

The doors will no longer be locked requiring a buzz-in to visit the new city manager who will also keep his office door open.

“I think the government should be open all the time to the public and the less barriers you have going through there, the better it is,” Flowers said Tuesday.

“I am informal; I believe in being open and positive about things and that’s the way I want to try to do it, so that door will rarely be closed,” he said. “My door will rarely be closed. If I am discussing a confidential issue, I will close it.”

Currently, the city has 14 open positions, Flowers said, and he has advertised for a human resources professional and is in discussion with some people about a finance position.

“My number one priority is to get somebody here to handle the budget and finances,” he said. The city has an accounting firm to check its finances, but he wants someone on staff to oversee the budget.

The other open positions include the director of infrastructure, fire chief, fire lieutenant, two firefighters, administrative services clerk, city clerk and street department and utilities workers.

“I am going to be looking at some restructuring here in the very near future,” Flowers said. “I am going to get my feet wet here for a few weeks and see how I want to handle everything, but I am definitely going to be doing some restructuring.”

When he arrived in the morning on Monday he had 40 phone messages and 82 emails, Flowers said. “It was a bit overwhelming at first.”

He met with all the department heads on Monday and met several citizens who have come in to talk to him, Flowers noted.


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