LAKE PLACID — The Town of Lake Placid has been steadily pushing its city limit to the north. The expansion is the result of growth through voluntary annexation.

The town’s regional plan has growth heading north along U.S. 27 and to the east and west of the highway also. According to County Planning Supervisor Joedene Thayer, the northernmost boundaries shown on the plans are Lake Apthorp and Lake Francis off of Cloverleaf Road.

In the past couple of years, Town Administrator Phil Williams and Town Attorney Bert J. Harris III have been conscientiously seeking voluntary annexations from residents and business owners whose properties are contiguous with town property to annex into the town. AdventHealth Lake Placid was no exception to the push for annexation.

During the regular Town Council meeting Monday night, Denise Grimsley, hospital administrator for AdventHealth Lake Placid at 1210 U.S. 27 North, presented five pages of signed documents that were needed for the hospital’s annexation.

Harris said Grimsley was an integral part of getting the property annexed.

“Senator Grimsley has been very helpful in obtaining the annexation consents of the hospital,” Harris said. “And when I tell you very helpful, that means she did it — thank you.”

Grimsley thanked the council for the opportunity to speak and said she was proud to be the new administrator at the Lake Placid hospital as of about a week ago. She said the health care facility was renewing its commitment to the community and hinted at some big changes to come in the next 18 months.

In addition to the hospital, Harris and Williams commented on those property owners who were also likely to voluntarily annex.

“As far as other annexations consents, Phil and I have been working with quite a number of people, many people and many, many, of our friends and citizens have agreed (to annexation),” Harris said.

“Bonnie Wells, Gilly Russel, to name a few. We are talking with others that seem favorable,” he said. “It looks like we are going to have quite a good group to bring to council, probably next month, to begin the process of annexation.”

Harris said the annexation of the hospital will make it easier to add other property owners to the town’s tax base. He also said they would be adding in a water and sewer plant the town owns.

Williams said the American Legion Post #25 was to meet Monday night to discuss the annexation but a spokesperson said everything seemed “real positive” to be annexed in.

Harris said Duke Energy has signed a consent for the transfer station, next to the solar farm. The property is in addition to the solar farm, he said. Harris also said he was in talks with the school board staff and it looked favorable for the Heartland Educational Consortium, just north of the Citgo at Lake June Road, to sign annexation contracts.

There is a lot of talking and putting items in documents, Harris said. Mayor John Holbrook said he was pleased with the progress of the growth and was surprised at how quickly the annexation process has been executed.

“Everybody has been working hard on this and I just want to thank staff for their dedication” Holbrook said. “We knew the town was going to be growing north; we just weren’t sure that it was going to happen this fast.

“I am glad to see everybody is starting to come on board,” he said.


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