Runway collision

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The Diamond Industries aircraft that was involved in a Sept. 29, 2018, runway collision at Sebring Regional Airport.


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SEBRING — A National Transportation Safety Board report on the Sept. 19, 2018 runway collision at Sebring Regional Airport is nearing completion.

One person received minor injuries in the collision of two single-engine planes that occurred around 12:40 p.m. during takeoff/landing at the Sebring Regional Airport. The collision involved a Diamond Aircraft Industries Inc. aircraft, owned and operated by Aamro Aviation Corporation, and a privately owned and operated Piper aircraft.

Two “factual” reports, one for each aircraft, were issued April 1, 2019. A student pilot aboard the Diamond sustained a minor injury. Both airplanes were substantially damaged, according to the NTSB report.

Radio communication issues were noted in the report, including calls from the Piper that were garbled and difficult to comprehend.

The listing of NTSB “reports nearing completion” shows an estimated date of Oct. 30 for an accident report to be issued concerning the Diamond aircraft.

There has been no further information or updates from the NTSB on the Oct. 30, 2018 gyrocopter crash in Sebring since a “preliminary” report was issued Nov. 9, 2018. The aircraft had taken off from Sebring Regional Airport for a flight to Manatee County.

The crash killed two on board the aircraft, injured one on the ground, and destroyed a manufactured home in the Sebring Falls retirement subdivision.

The preliminary report stated that an experimental amateur-built Autogyro Cavalon gyrocopter was destroyed during its collision with a power pole, wires, terrain, a residence and a post-crash fire following a forced landing.

According to the NTSB, generally, a preliminary report is available online within a few days of an accident.

Factual information is added when available, and when the investigation is completed, the preliminary report is replaced with a final description of the accident and its probable cause.


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