LAKE PLACID — On Wednesday, a well-known citizen of the town was recognized for her community-mindfulness and contributions to its beauty.

Harriet Porter was recognized with the 2018 Community Service Award at the Highlands News-Sun Women in Business event Sept. 19; however Porter was unable to attend the event and had not received her award.

Porter is a co-founder of the Lake Placid Mural Society. After a long motorcycle trip with her beloved husband, Bob, through Vancouver Island, British Columbia years ago, the Porters introduced the Town of Lake Placid and all of the United States to an outdoor art gallery that is now referred to as the Town of Murals. Bob Porter passed away in 2016. Since the Lake Placid Mural Society was founded in 1992, Harriet Porter has been personally instrumental in each of the 47 murals that decorate the town. With an additional 140 pieces of outdoor artwork that help celebrate the town’s history, it’s no wonder the town was named America’s Most Interesting Town in 2013 by Reader’s Digest.

On Wednesday, Harriet Porter was presented her award at the Greater Lake Placid Chamber of Commerce Lunch and Learn event at the Genesis Center by Highlands News-Sun Managing Editor Karen Clogston.

“The newspaper wanted to recognize Harriet for all of her efforts to showcase the beauty of Lake Placid and for making an impact on the community through the arts,” Clogston said.

Porter expressed her gratitude Wednesday to those in attendance at the luncheon. “I am so honored,” she said. “It truly has been a labor of love.”

She was given a standing ovation.

“These murals really are her baby,” Eileen May, executive director of the Lake Placid chamber, said. “She is such a pleasure to work with.”


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